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Our offer & process

Our unbeatable offer

We have developed agreements with our operating partners who source your gold from gold mines based in Peru, which is the sixth largest gold producing country in the world.

Purchasing your newly mined gold Bullion from Zivogold will be provided in the form of Gold Bars with a purity content of 999.5-999.9% pure. Once your Gold has been mined for it is authenticated and smelted down to form a gold bar by either Umicore or our preferred choice, P.A.M.P. based in Switzerland. Both, world leaders in gold refinery.

You can rest assured that the gold you will receive is both 100% genuine and as close to 100% pure as you can possibly get. Each bullion bar will be stamped, accompanied by a matching certificate that proves this and can be easily verified.

Every client of Zivogold will get to benefit from our incredible offer of up to 9% discount from current trading prices. The amount of discount you can receive will be dependent on your level of purchase but even with a small amount, you will find you are instantly in profit with reduced exposure to fluctuating prices.

Delivery of your gold bullion will be provided fully insured and free of charge should you decide to take delivery as we have a few options available to you which is described in more detail below. Orders typically take 6 months to fulfill.

We have detailed the process below to see how simple purchasing with us is.

If you would like to place an order, simply call us on 0330 124 3084 or if you would like to speak to us to obtain further information please feel free to get in touch, we would love to hear from you.


how much gold?

Once you have taken the decision to secure your financial wealth you will need to determine what is the right level of gold ownership.

The universal recommended level is anywhere between 5-30% of your total net-worth, however you are free to choose what best works for you.

We’ll discuss it with you to help determine a comfortable amount for you.

calculate discount

Depending on your level of purchase we will determine the level of discount you are eligible for.

The maximum amount of discount we can offer on any single transaction is 9% and our lowest is 4%.

No matter how much you decide to purchase you will be getting a good deal not found anywhere else.


We will email you a link to view your Brokerage Agreement where you will be required to initial each page and sign each of the relevant sections within 48 hours. We will also require a copy of proof of identity and address, this is required by law for anti money laundering purposes.

The agreement is signed for and held digitally. This is the highest form of protection and ensures zero tempering.

Our service provider for this service uses military grade 256 bit SSL encryption giving you total peace of mind.

process order

When you complete signing your Brokerage Agreement and have completed the payment process, we will provide proof of purchase to our operating partners so they may begin sourcing your gold order.

This process takes up to 6 months to complete and have the gold delivered to you.

The time to process includes; mining for gold, transfer to gold refinery for purity authentication,
smelting in to gold bullion, issue of matching certificate for authenticity,
delivery to chosen destination.

regular updates

We will send you an email each week keeping you informed of the mining progress for your gold.

You will also receive industry updates on gold and its pricing.

Remember you can visit our website anytime and see real time gold pricing in US dollars (USD) and Pound Sterling (GBP).

order complete

Now your gold is ready for delivery, we will contact you to discuss your available options, whaich are.

1. Have the gold delivered to your home address which is included free of charge and is fully insured.

2. Have your gold shipped to a secure location for secure storage that is fully insured. This service will incur a monthly fee payed by direct debit starting from £10 per month and is calculated based on the amount of gold to be held for you.

3. Sell your gold holding at 100% of the current market value. A digital sale agreement will be issued and will require to be signed (exactly the same method as when you signed up). Once the sale agreement has been received funds will be deposited by bank transfer and available in your account within 3 working days.

ready to secure your financial wealth?

If you’re ready to become our client and trade in gold or if you would like more information, simply call us on 0330 124 3084.


We’re always happy to help