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Zivogold is a trading name of Zivo Group Ltd. In late 2015 we decided to merge all our companies in to one. Doing this allowed our teams to work together to come up with inspiring new product developments and customer service satisfaction.

Originally our business services were designed for business to business markets. In 2016 we decided it was time to enter the consumer market but didn’t want to just be any other company offering a product that was no different to any other already on offer with the same old value added services with the only difference being the marketing material.

It was during a conversation with a gold mine owner we came up with a revolutionary idea that could change the way the gold mining industry operates and the way private investors traditionally buy gold.

The idea was simple…


“What if Gold mines didn’t have to worry about fluctuating gold prices, having to pay operating costs up front not knowing what the price of gold was going to be once it was ready to be sold?”


“What if buyers could buy brand new Gold at a discount giving them a safety net due to the fluctuating price of Gold and give them a boost to there profit potential?”

The answer

an alternative to time travel

Let’s give investors the opportunity to buy Gold directly from Gold mines cutting all the middle men out.

By doing this, the Gold mine has an order in place for x amount of gold at x percent below the current market price and has a certain amount of time to fulfill the order. This removes the burden to the mining operation about associated mining costs and fluctuating prices by giving them a fair guaranteed price of purchase  of x amount upon completion.

In return to the investor, they receive x percent discount to the current price of gold at the time of order because they will be waiting for x amount of time to receive the Gold. Just like if they were buying a new build house off market.

People who normally buy gold do not buy today and sell 24 hours later so waiting a short amount of time to receive there order should make no difference.

In fact, most investor in physical Gold rarely ever even see it, as it’s normally purchased online or over the telephone then sent directly to a secure storage facility. This way they’ll even save a little by not having to pay any storage fees whilst the gold is being mined for.

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